Our Mission

In their hearts, all men yearn to live for a purpose way beyond their own abilities, comfort and temporary happiness. They desperately want to pursue a great calling to protect, conquer, achieve, rescue, build, create and influence the world around them. God put this desire in men’s hearts, and through our men’s ministry, we want to help them discover it, cultivate it, and deploy it, all for God’s glory.

In our day, men have been seen as passive, self-focused and lazy. We believe God has a much higher calling for men to set aside their own self-interest to love others first and courageously live up to their God given potential. We challenge, encourage and equip men to live lives of intentionality, courage, sacrifice and radical commitment to Jesus Christ. As men passionately follow Jesus, they become better husbands, fathers, workers, neighbors and leaders.

How do we help men?
We challenge, grow and equip men through the following

Community Groups – The primary way we disciple our men is through intentional, consistent and accountable relationships with other men. Our men’s groups consist of between 4-6 men who meet either weekly or bi-weekly to engage in bible study, book reading or discussion on particular male topics. They walk with each other through challenges as husbands, fathers, role models, workers and leaders and seek to grow into God’s calling.

B-Monthly Events – Every other month we offer certain events specifically for men. Whether a hiking day, bowling night or serving the neighborhood, these events are designed to build relationships and invite men into Christian community.

Mens Ministry


Pastor John Lindow