Our Mission
To receive and participate in the mission of Jesus to reconcile, heal and transform to the glory of God.

Our mission consists of both receiving Jesus work in our lives and joining Him as He seeks to reconcile people back to a relationship with God, heal their hearts and bodies and help them become all God desires. We are a community of “in-process” people who continually discover ways we fall short in our lives, yet pursue and follow a God who, by His grace, changes and transforms us from the inside out. Because of His unconditional love for us, in the midst of our failures and sin, we are passionate to participate with Jesus as He seeks to lavish His heart bending love on a lost world.

Our Vision
Christ-like disciples growing in head, heart and hands through everyday gospel living.

First, we envision a people who are not converts of Jesus, but full-time followers of Jesus. Men and women who are sold out for God’s gospel and mission and see their faith infecting, and affecting, every part of their lives.

Secondly, we envision a people who, as a byproduct of the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives, are consistently growing into the heart and habits of Christ. They are experiencing an ever-increasing love for God with their mind, heart and hands.

Third, we envision a people who submit every moment of their day to Jesus, not just Sunday mornings. Jesus is not someone we add onto our existing lives, but the very reason for them. We want more of Him, not less, in our workplaces, homes, finances, marriages, families, neighborhoods and cities.

Lastly, we envision a people founded on, grounded in, shaped by and propelled by, the gospel. We want the gospel to define everything we are and everything we do. We desire people who believe gospel, think gospel, speak gospel and act gospel, because Jesus is that good and that worth it.

Our Vision Strategy

One of the main ways we live out this vision is through our UP, IN and OUT strategy. This strategy is not only for our whole church, but each individual follower of Jesus.

UP – Our growth as a disciple of Jesus begins, develops and ends with staying connected to Him. Out of our relationship and intimacy with Jesus flows all life and ministry. We do this through spiritual disciplines such as prayer, worship, Bible study, solitude and silence.

IN – God did not create us to do life alone (Gen. 2:18). The New Testament includes 92 commands to “one-another” such as forgiving, loving, carrying burdens and encouraging. We need brothers and sisters in Christ who can love us, encourage us, challenge us and sharpen us to continue our pursuit of Jesus. We do this primarily through our community groups and shared events.

OUT – God created us for a purpose and mission (Eph. 2:10). We have been called and commanded by God to go into the world to incarnate Christ wherever He's put us (Acts 17:26). We believe that true discipleship always flows into mission to a lost and thirsty world. We do this by equipping each believer to live on mission in four main places; their family, neighborhood, work and social circles.

Our Values

Holy Spirit Empowered
Without the empowering and transformative work of God in our lives, we have nothing to offer people. It’s Jesus or bust for AHCC!

Prayer Dependent
All movements of God begin with prayer. We are a praying people who seek God, partner with God and live out of a relationship with God.

Gospel Sharing
The good news of the gospel can’t stay in church buildings or remain private; it must be shared. We believing in boldly telling our world, in word and deed, about King Jesus.

Missionary Living
We believe we are a sent people. Our calling from God is not to stay, but go into our communities, city and across the globe using the language, concepts and symbols of our culture to show that Jesus is the only one who can truly satisfy.

Disciple Making
Jesus last words to his followers was to “go make disciples of all nations”. We think He meant it. Our goal as a church is to help people progressively bring every area of their lives under the beautiful sovereignty of Jesus.

Holy Living
As we grow closer to God, we want Him more and sin less. We are a people running hard after Jesus who long for our lives to reflect Him more and more.

Authentic Community
We were never designed to do life alone. We were made for community. We are a church where you can be yourself and find other imperfect people following a perfect God.

Our Philosophy of Ministry

We believe God is a God of order, purpose and intentionality so we should be a church of order, purpose and intentionality. Therefore, we utilize the below Philosophy of Ministry to help shape and architect our church culture and DNA. Check it out to learn more about who we are and what makes AHCC unique.

Philosophy of Ministry